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Scoliosis  Explained...

Treatments we offer 
Common symptoms 
Areas of pain 
Causes of scoliosis 
Tips to manage your pain

Common symptoms of pain

Deep dull ache 
Pain referring around surrounding muscles
Constant pain/ intermittent pain
Reduced movement
Uneven shoulders and waist 
Protruding shoulder blade or rib 
Back pain 
Hip pain 

Treatments for pain

Rehabilitation exercise prescription
Manual therapy
Postural re-reducation 

Tips to manage scoliosis pain

Stay active with gentle movement  
Relative rest (e.g. reducing painful movements) 
Follow your prescribed treatment plan
Stay positive 
Try avoid prolonged postures 

Areas of pain

Shoulder pain 
Hip pain 
Knee pain 
Referral pain in surrounding areas or muscles

Causes of Scoliosis

Genetic condition
Birth defect 
Functional scoliosis may be caused by postural issues

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