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Become like a child

How many people can move in a healthy range? It is very common for people nowadays to stick to the same routine. This routine often involves the same types of foods, the same TV shows, and a time of day for everything.

When one lives this kind of life you can fall into the trap of doing the same type of movements everyday. This can include sitting, standing, walking, running, swimming, cycling, lifting weights. Whatever it is that you do most often it is important to incorporate different types of movements into your everyday.

Stagnation is the main detrimental effect of not moving your body through a large range. This stagnation affects the lymphatic system, the vascular system, the fascial system and ultimately the nervous system. Lymph nodes and the vascular system depend upon the pumping action of your muscles to clear lymph and waste, the fascial system depends on adequate loading being placed through it for optimal tissue health. The nervous system depends on all the other systems working properly to be able to work efficiently.

Moving effectively involves bringing each joint of the body through its entire range on a regular basis, ensuring the whole joint and surrounding tissue are nourished. When we take a look back to when we were children and think of the variety of different movements we performed each day - deep squats, rolling from side to side, rolling forward, singe leg stance, crawling, jumping and often a combination of them all.

How many people can actually get into a deep squat or can roll from side to side? By exploring these types of movements the body will respond in ways that will surprise you.

Next time you feel like you want to exercise in some manner, think about doing something different. Try some of these exercises

1. Deep Squat - Moving from side to side

2. Roll from your front to your back

3. Roll from your back to your front

4. Bear crawl

5. Get into your bare feet

6. Lie on your back and explore movement - like a child - HAVE FUN WITH IT

Even if the above exercises are not for you or you simply cannot get into these positions make sure to add variety to your daily routine. Think simple! If you are sitting at your desk try sitting on an exercise ball or kneeling. If you are going for a walk, try hiking. If you are sitting watching TV, try lying or sitting on the ground. Instead of doing your weekly run, try swimming or a pilates class.

The point is, don't do the same movements all the time. The body thrives with variety and once you challenge it in this way, it will soon ask for more.

For personalised rehab and mobility programs, please get in touch.

- Conor

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