Glasses of Water

Kangen water

What is Kangen water?

Kangen water is an electrolyzed reduced water with a (-) negative ion charge derived from the presence of molecular hydrogen and measured in strength by the presence of Hydroxide Ion molecules 

Cellular toxicity and the cells in our body are (+) positively charged. Negative is attracted to positive and the result is a maximised hydration and a maximised detoxification. It is within this dynamic that the body can eliminate toxicity and is free to regulate pH function unhindered by environmental contaminants. 

Benefits are: 

- FULL hydration 

- Optimum detoxification 

- Maximised absorption of nutrients, oxygen and hydrogen

- Increased energy production 

What you will get:

Personalised prescription of water (amount and pH level)

Collection from clinic weekly in 5L containers

Frequent reassessment and adjustment of prescription