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Hip Pain Explained...

Treatments we offer 
Common symptoms 
Areas of hip pain 
Causes of hip pain 
Tips to manage your hip pain

Common symptoms of hip pain

Deep dull ache 
Pain referring into gluteal area, lower back or down leg
Catching, locking or giving way of hip joint 
Excessive stiffness especially in the morning or with prolonged sitting
Muscular pain in surrounding areas   

Treatments for hip pain

Rehabilitation exercise prescription
Manual therapy
Gait re-education
Reduce compensatory loading of lower leg

Areas of hip pain

Deep pain in the hip joint 
Referral pain into gluteal area, lower back or down leg
Sharp shooting pain down leg 

Causes of hip pain

Repeated poor movement patterns 
Postural issues 
Weakness or muscular imbalance of upper leg muscles
Prolonged sitting
CAM/ Pincer femoral acetabular impingement
Hip flexor injury 

Tips to manage your hip pain

Stay active with gentle movement  
Relative rest (e.g. reducing painful movements) 
Follow your prescribed treatment plan
Stay positive 
Try avoid prolonged postures 
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