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Groin Pain Explained...

Treatments we offer 
Common symptoms 
Areas of groin pain 
Causes of groin pain 
Tips to manage your groin pain

Common symptoms of groin pain

Deep dull ache 
Tenderness to touch area
Pain during and after stretching 
Pain when kicking a ball 
Pain when squeezing knees together 

Treatments for groin pain

Rehabilitation exercise prescription
Manual therapy

Areas of groin pain

High pain in the groin region 
Pain can refer to the mid and lower groin

Causes of groin pain

Sudden trauma (e.g. kicking ball, fast unexpected stretching of the inner leg)
Weakness or muscular imbalance of upper leg muscles
Prolonged stretching of inner leg

Tips to manage your groin pain

Stay active with gentle movement
Do not stretch the area   

Relative rest (e.g. reducing painful movements) 
Follow your prescribed treatment plan
Stay positive 
Try avoid prolonged postures 
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